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Smart Air Services specialises in all aspects of aerial agricultural applications including:

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Variable Rate
Using the latest aircraft GPS technology, we’re able to vary the application rate according to a prescription map for a specific area. This is a very useful tool for applications such as growth regulant and foliar fertilisers, as the required rate of chemical can be applied to a specific small treatment area instead of a field by field basis.

We can also apply solids, such as urea, at variable rates according to a GPS prescription map.

Variable rate applications can deliver cost benefits, improve yield and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. Site specific management means products are only applied where they are needed, resulting in lower input requirements, maximising productivity and reducing the impact of over application on the crop.

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SAS services the Darling Downs and surrounding areas in South East Queensland. The main base is located at Cecil Plains with Satellite Airstrips located at Dalby, Oakey, Pittsworth, Millmerran, Moonie, Warra & Janerin.

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